Weekend activities for endless fun with the family

Spending time together as a family takes planning, but it’s worth the effort. Every moment counts, so try something totally different for a change. All you’ll need is some planning, teamwork and plenty of imagination. Here are some bonding activity ideas to start off with:


Cook up a storm

In most households, the kitchen is where the action is. It’s a great place to stir up some fun as you prepare a hearty home-cooked meal for the family. So why not get everyone involved? Teach your kids an old family recipe or simply start your own new tradition by creating a dish that will soon be a family favourite! Try baking too because everyone loves the part where you get to decorate your creation! We recommend trying some of these recipes


Get crafty

There’s something so fulfilling about homemade crafts, especially when the entire family gets a chance to express their creativity. Be sure to pick an everybody-can-do project and one that can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time. Remember, it’s always cool to make things that are useful rather than stuff that creates more clutter. Once you’ve gathered all the supplies and ingredients, it’s time to make magic happen!  


Let the games begin!

Board games are an excellent way to have fun at home with the family and there are seemingly endless options to choose from. The best part about these games is that you’ll get to interact with everyone while playing. But if board games get you bored, then try something more action-oriented, like an indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt. Always have a prize ready for the winner.


Host an all-day movie marathon

When it comes to entertainment, having a movie marathon at home with the family is always a winner. What’s more, you can all relax in your pyjamas and home clothes enjoying blockbuster hits and your favourite films in the comfort of your own living room. Don’t forget to prepare snacks and drinks to munch on to enhance your movie watching experience even further. We recommend blending your own deliciously indulgent milkshake.


Plant a family garden

Time to get your hands dirty! Build a closer bond with your family by encouraging everyone to plant flowers or vegetables for the home. Start by digging a patch, then tuck the seedlings into the ground and watch your plants grow and blossom. If you live in a confined environment with no garden space, don’t fret. From vertical gardens to window box gardens, you can always start a garden no matter how little space you have.

Weekend activities for endless fun with the family Weekend activities for endless fun with the family