Planning a road trip with the family

When you’re on a long road trip it helps to be well organised and let everyone share in the planning. Allow time for little diversions to discover charming cafes or explore something new along the route. It’s all about having fun with your loved ones and renewing family bonds while spending quality time together!

Plan your routes and points of interest

Get your kids involved in mapping out the journey through the towns you will drive through and places to make overnight stops. Download and use ‘Waze’ or other navigational apps to guide you on the road. Choose attractions, theme parks, restaurants and shops you would like to visit along the way to ensure everyone has something to look forward to.

Give your car a check-up

Service your car, check your tyres including the spare and make sure all repairs are taken care of. Vacuum and thoroughly clean the inside of the car and boot space. Add sun shades on windows, keep some neck pillows and cushions for comfort.

Book accommodation and entrance tickets ahead

Ensure your hotel rooms are booked early and confirmed especially during the holiday season. Make special requests for connecting rooms, extra beds and non-smoking rooms when booking. If visiting a theme park, buy tickets online. You’ll get better discounts and not have to wait in long queues.


Take along snacks and drinks

Why not pack a delicious picnic brunch to enjoy at the beginning of your road trip! Finger foods made from MARIGOLD canned milk like Creamy Lemon Chicken Tartlets, Coffee-Flavoured French Toast and Potato and Chickpea Rosti taste just as good when eaten at room temperature. You could even chill some juices or milkshakes in disposable bottles to finish off your delicious meal. In hot weather, keep enough water with you to stay hydrated along your trip.

Pack smart, pack light

Having a cluttered car is uncomfortable for everyone. Let each person pack just enough clothes in their own bag and ensure your entire luggage fits into the boot space. Remember to pack extra footwear, snacks, drinks and emergency items like a first-aid kit, jumper cables and flashlights. Also keep chargers and power banks for your electronic devices easily accessible and in a separate bag.

Take sufficient breaks

Rest stops are a welcome break after being in a car for hours. It’s a great way to prevent tiredness and everyone gets to walk around a little and stretch their legs. Have a drink and a snack, use the rest rooms then resume your trip feeling refreshed.

Stay entertained on the road

Keep boredom to a minimum with family-friendly word games and sing-a-long sessions. If you’d like some quiet time, get the kids to listen to some music or watch a movie using their earphones. Pack simple treats for young kids as a surprise to keep them happy. Take lots of pictures, try local foods, buy some local handicraftsand enjoy a memorable road trip together!


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