Easy ways to help your kids tidy their room

Encourage your kids to be helpful around the home and take pride in keeping their room neat. Start them off with a clean and well organised room. Create a simple checklist for them to follow and they can tick off each item once they have finished. Teach them how to clean and tidy each part of their room and soon they can do it by themselves.

Make the bed

Get your kids to tidy their bed every morning. This immediately makes the room look cleaner! Fitted sheets on beds are easier to smooth down so there are no creases. They can fluff the pillows, fold the blanket and finally pull the comforter or bedspread neatly over.

Put away all clothes

Show them how to hang up all ironed clothes and put away all clean, folded clothes in the wardrobe. Smaller clothing like briefs and socks can be kept in baskets or in the drawers. Seldom used clothes can go on the higher shelves. Every few months, have fun with them sorting out clothes they have outgrown and teach them generosity by donating to a charity.


Put all toys away

Stick picture labels of dolls, toy cars or blocks on containers to clearly show younger kids where each item belongs. Older kids can help label their own toys. Get them into a habit to place all toys back in their own containers after play. Use clear plastic containers with lids to help keep toys dust-free and identify the contents.

Clear the study table

Organise your kids table with a few box files to hold books, folders or papers and use containers to sort out stationery. Show them to how to put away items that don’t belong on the table and clean the surface with a slightly damp cloth. Let them not pile books and papers on the table or floor but arrange them neatly in labelled folders on the table or shelf.

Keep the floor clear

Get kids to put their dirty laundry in a basket and take the clothes to the laundry room to be washed every other day. Jeans and clothes that can be reused should be placed on a rack and damp towels should only be dried on the towel rail in the bathroom.

Schedule a weekly clean-up time

Older kids can help to dust and vacuum the room, empty the dustbin and change their bedsheets and blanket every week. Once kids follow a routine, it will become a habit that makes it easy to maintain a clean, fresh and tidy space to sleep, play and work in.

Let your kids know you value their efforts and praise them for their cooperation. Kids who know how to take care of their room and home learn an essential and valuable life skill.

Easy ways to help your kids tidy their room Easy ways to help your kids tidy their room