Create your own zany party decorations with the family

Party decorations don’t always have to be flashy and expensive; they can be done simply and still create a celebrative feel. All you need is some time, effort and imagination to make unique accessories that add pops of colour and give your party a fun personality.

Create a picture taking spot with lots of awesome accessories

Pick a theme and dress up the main picture taking spot where all your party guests can have their picture taken. Have lots of fun accessories on hand like pink wigs, curly moustaches, huge spectacles, fake Dracula teeth and other wacky items to wear at a photo session.

Use imaginative banners to glam up the party

Paper banners are the most popular but you can use anything on hand that goes with your theme. String together a bunch of dinosaur toys, different sized spiders, a string of skeletons, paper dragon lanterns and such to create a one-of-a-kind effect.

Make stylish paper cups and cutlery

Jazz up plastic cups, straws, spoon and fork handles by wrapping a band of washi tape around the edge or adding fun stickers. Guests can also personalise their own paper cups by drawing or writing using fake blood for a Dracula theme or henna paste for a Bollywood theme.


Design glow-in-the-dark or ghost balloons

Insert one or two green coloured glow sticks into white balloons. Snap them so they glow then inflate the balloons. Use a black marker to draw the ghost's spooky expression. Make a few more then hang the ‘ghosts’ together with transparent tape, and lower the lights for the perfect ‘Ghostbusters’ theme. Monster themed balloons can have three eyes and weird teeth drawn on.

Give out cool party favours

Think of something unique and memorable that will love, tickle and amuse your guests. Stick with your theme: trick fingers for a magic theme, temporary henna tattoos for a Bollywood theme, masks for a masquerade theme, huge one eye sticker for a monster theme, LED bracelets for a space theme and the list goes on.

Create your own zany party decorations with the family Create your own zany party decorations with the family