Be an expert at last-minute party planning

Celebrate the long weekend by having your friends over for an impromptu party. Turn up the atmosphere and just go with the flow!


Round up the gang

Start by inviting your best friends and have them spread the word to your mutual friends. Before long, your entire circle will be looking forward to a fun time at your party!


Keep your menu simple & fuss-free

Make dishes you can prepare ahead of time then heat up easily and keep warm in the oven. Avoid dishes with a long prep time so you won’t be stuck in the kitchen. Simple, tasty light-bites can do wonders.


Everyone love desserts, serve it!

Guaranteed crowd pleasers, desserts are a must for parties. Same rule applies though, choose recipes that can be made ahead, but make sure they’re indulgent! Here are some great ideas.


Clean up as you go

Clear the kitchen counters of all unnecessary items. Put away unused appliances like the toaster and the food processor. The sink and drainer should be completely clear. After dinner, don’t let the kitchen mess stack up. Plates can be rinsed and washed quickly while glasses can be rinsed out and left to dry on trays.


Cook smart

One-pot meals are ultimate lifesavers at parties. Avoid dishes that require constant stirring or monitoring.


Tidy up! Make your home presentable

Do a quick sweep and clean everything in sight. The fewer things you have scattered around, the cleaner your space will look. Don’t forget that your restroom needs to be spotless, dry and smell clean, too. Aromatic candles always do the trick.


It’s all in the details, put effort in the final touches

Small touches make a big impact. Straighten your carpet, fluff up your cushions, make a flower arrangement from your garden and scatter scented candles around. All that’s left now is for you to turn on the music and relax while your guests arrive.

Be an expert at last-minute party planning Be an expert at last-minute party planning