10 easy ways to get your kids to read and write

Kids will naturally take to reading if encouraged from their early years, allowed to choose books they like and gain reading and writing practice from many fun non-book-related ways.

Read the subtitles of suitable cartoons or movies on TV

Most kids love watching television. Agree to more TV time if they allow you to ‘mute the sound’ so they read the subtitles while watching the action on screen. Sit together and read the different character roles in amusing voices for lots of fun.

Create a comic book

Let them make up their own favourite stories with dragons, super heroes or princesses in comic-book form. Help them create a blank comic book with spaces to draw and empty speech bubbles to fill in. Bind the finished comic book and they can proudly show it off to others.

Cook together

Let your kids help you bake a cake or a special meal for the family. Rewrite a recipe's instructions in simple form so they can read it to you. They can also write out a grocery list and the menu card.

Make greeting cards

Have your kids create and design cards for festivals, birthdays, and party invitations. Encourage them to write a personal message, a poem or even a joke to each recipient.


Use technology

Since many kids are tech-savvy they will be more likely to read books on devices such as an iPad or Kindle. Listening to an audiobook encourages them to love story telling and start reading on their own.

Play board games

Games like Scrabble help with word building, while games with clues and instructions involve lots of reading. Kids learn while they play and pick up these reading skills while having fun.

Play a treasure hunt game

Make a list of items that your kid and his friends need to find inside your house or around the garden. Provide written clues that lead to the treasures and let them learn to make their own clues the next time.

Visit a library or bookshops regularly

Do your kids like to do their own science experiments, make their own model volcano or know all about how to take care of kittens? Let them choose any book on the topic and read all about it.

Write Post-it notes

Keep a space on the refrigerator for them to write messages to the family and reminders of school activities. Let them have fun filling in a wall calendar of birthdays and other events. 

Create an awesome reading corner

Set the right mood for reading and writing with comfortable furniture, beanbags, rugs, good lighting and posters on the wall. Kids love to be in a fun, relaxed atmosphere and will sit for hours spell bound by their favourite books.

10 easy ways to get your kids to read and write 10 easy ways to get your kids to read and write